Rolling is done by both bull and cow buffalo throughout the year, to help them with shedding their winter coats, itches and insects in their fur.  During the rut though, it becomes a" battle" in dirt for the bulls!  The bulls wallow so furiously in the dry. cracked ground  to attract the cows, that sometimes it is hard to see them through the dust. 

Dusty is one of those bulls. When he first stood his face even his face was as covered as his back end. Fortunately I kept my camera on him and the wind, which was coming right at him blew the dust away from his face first! This image is at that moment when only his massive head was clear and the rest of his body was still in the dust, hence his name. 

To enhance this image more, I chose to use some magic in my digital darkroom. The only change I made was to take out the color in the background so that he stands out in the massive amount of dust that was still in the air. This is the art of my photography. ~ Cat

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