COLD FLOW - Canvas

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Winter in the mountains is a magical time. Little Rock Creek flows year around, even in the coldest of winters so not only do you hear the water hitting the rocks, but the crackling of ice as it makes its way down stream. Tranquil yet wild, this piece will put your mind at rest.

This image is a vertical image. The height is longer than the width.

Why buy a Premium Canvas Gallery Wrap? Because it is made to last a lifetime and more! Your canvas will be made to order in the USA, printed on fine art canvas, and stretched on heavy hardwood bars 1 1/2” in depth to help prevent twisting and warping for years to come. The wire hanger makes it easy to hang... straight!  To give you more options on where to hang your canvas without worrying about the sunlight causing fading, a laminate coating to protect against UV Rays is included. The coating also will help with dust and scuffs. Just a soft cloth and water if it needs it will keep your canvas looking fresh. Please do not use chemicals (not even windex) as it will deteriorate the finish over time. All of my canvases five foot and under arrive ready to hang. Just order and get your wall ready! When it arrives there are three steps - unpack, hang, and enjoy for years to come!

For those looking for a larger canvas, over five foot on longest side - the great news is they are available! These canvases are also created here in the USA but go through a different process. They arrive rolled and will need to be finished by a framer of your choice. Please check with your local framers to insure they are willing to finish a large canvas as some are not equipped to do so. Please inquire about pricing as it does not include finishing and stretching.

Available on canvas, metal or as a quality print on a variety of paper options. Sizes from 20"x30" to 5 1/3 ft x 8 ft and larger on canvas.  Alternative mediums available. Want it extra special, done on a custom fabric or material - lets talk! The possibilities are endless :)  Custom orders always welcome .