Too Close - Metal

Too Close - Metal

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Too Close is a very edgy, strong and unique metal piece that you need to see to really appreciate. It it a black and white image of a massive Buffalo / Bison's head. The image itself is breathtaking, but what make this so special is the process used to print it. Any true white in the image has been dropped out so you see the metal in its place. Hard to explain, but when you see it, you will love it! This look can not be reproduced on paper or canvas so it is unique to metal prints only.  Taken in NW Wyoming. 

This image is a vertical image. The height is longer than the width.

Your Metal Print arrives complete & ready to hang or display. Printed directly onto high quality aluminum with a 1 5⁄16" deep Inset Metal Frame and wire hanger or metal easel back for free standing display.

Available on canvas, metal or as a quality print on a variety of paper options.
Alternative mediums available  - inquire.  Custom orders always welcome. Shipping included on all Metal Prints.